Here's a snippet of what goes on behind the scenes here at Duke of London.  

Photoshoots....... Wow makes me tired saying the word...
These can be quite hectic for me personally, but as time goes on and as we create each collections look, I learn. I love Learning.
I now find them more and more enjoyable. But it wasn't always like this.

Between dressing 6-10 kids, feeding them treats for their model skills, fixing stains on their outfits, hair, make and accessories...... I'm sure you can imagine the chaos.

But one all time fave shoot, was the Salty SeaDogs one done recently.
Did I mention Duke almost fell off the boat - off it... hanging by one arm, screaming .... mid shoot, only to be saved by Benny and Luke. Literally LIFESAVERS!!! Ha.

This is our 3rd collection with my amazing photographer "Luke Marsden" The Guru, and videographer extraordinaire, Ben Godfrey- and together with my friends my friends' children we are loving creating these amazing visuals for you all.

A massive thank you always goes out to all involved including my family and friends for always helping me out at this stressful time and making it that little bit more enjoyable each and every wrap.

Here are some pics from that shoot and we also included some shots of our time with the Today show.

To watch a little more BTS on The TODAY SHOW click here.

This was a pretty special collection and we have loved watching it all come to life.

Hope you get a buzz out of this like we do.












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Welcome Whitney from The Wife Life

This year we have decided to dabble into the world of blogging.

Every now and then we have something special happen here at Duke of London that we'd love to share with you all. So stay tuned for a little monthly update.

While showing our SS c in Sydney last month we were lucky enough to meet Whitney from The Wife Life blog. We have some mutual friends from the deaf community so for those who know me you would know my excitement to meet her and share some nice stories.
Here is a Little conversation we shared.

Kiri -
"Hi everyone I'm here in Sydney with Whitney. Whitney is from The Wife Life Blog, tell us about it"

Whitney -
"I'm based in Brisbane, I try to bring the community together to talk about kids clothing, kids bedding and interior. And while here in Sydney I'm very excited to view Kiri's new collection, beautiful!

Kiri -
" Be sure to find @thewifelife and follow Whitneys beautiful journey through life.

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Our Celebrity Clients

Our Celebrity following has been a fun journey that we would like to share with you all.

Starting with our main man Master Mason Dash Disick.



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Meet the Incredible Woman I Turned to When Deciding Whether or Not to Embark on the Biggest Challenge of My Life!

I was 28 years old when the clothes I was making for my boys became sought-after by mums with boys of similar ages. This is how Duke of London started, pretty simple really. As the orders began stacking up I suddenly became a business owner, yet strategy, planning, figures etc. certainly weren’t my thing.

I turned to a good friend of mine for advice and I have never looked back. Leanne Spring is my business mentor and confidant. I wanted to tell you all about her and her unwavering determination knowing that she will probably inspire you as much as she does me on a daily basis.

Today, Leanne owns and operates the country’s largest uniform business supplying the health and beauty industry. The budding Beauty Therapist turned

business owner at the ripe age of 22 when she purchased her first salon in Sydney. Her immediate success then led to her opening another salon on the Gold Coast before she identified a void in the market worthy of exploiting.

Leanne felt the uniforms worn in the health and beauty industry were drab and old fashioned so she took it upon herself to update the look and in doing so has created for herself the very lifestyle she desired for her family. Now serving more than 15,000 customers, Spring Spa Wear is well know for its stylish uniforms that are also comfortable and practical to work in. Walk into a beauty salon or health practioner’s office that Leanne supplies and you will notice the difference immediately. To put you in the picture, her latest hairdressing range incorporates leather. Visit www. to see for yourself.

I asked Leanne what she believes was the key to her success. She said three things are what got her to where she is today- hard work, passion and determination. What I love about this woman is she tells it how it is. I asked her how she switches off and she admitted to finding that very difficult being the brain behind the business. The hardworking mother said when you live, eat and breathe it finding a still mind is a constant challenge – a challenge that my admirable friend takes in her stride.

As part of my desire to encourage as many people as possible to live lives full of positivity, I want to regularly bring you stories of inspirational people. Please feel free to share any story ideas with me.

Always remember to surround yourself with those people who encourage you – those people who drive you to want to become a better person.

Much love


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My health & weight loss journey

We all want to be yummy mummies right? I crave fashion and wanted to return to pre pregnancy weight more than anyone, but my journey was well let’s say ‘extended’

My DOL team recently posted a pic of me and my ‘new look’ thighs seemed to attract a lot of comments.

Because of the lovely comments I thought I would share with you honestly how I finally found my mojo with food and exercise. Let me tell you what it was that clicked for me, and thank gosh it did because I’m never turning back.

For years I’ve enjoyed intense exercise, and Cross Fit is currently my love. However, in hindsight my diet has always been poor-so sugar dominate that all my training was a waste of time. It should come as no surprise but once I start eating better my body composition totally changed and I have lost 12.3kg In 12 weeks.

As a single mum my focus is what goes into my boys’ mouths then I’m second priority. Time poor- I employed the services of a company called Fruitique to deliver clean fresh not frozen tasty meals to my door. This combined with training wolah- within weeks I started to lose size.

I plan to soon start cooking similar meals at home, but I needed healthy convenient options at my finger tips to start my new relationship with food and it worked.

You’ve probably heard it all before a healthy weight comes down to 80% diet and only 20% training.

I feel alive again and hope that my story can at the very least help one person who may be stuck in bad habits like I was.

We really are what we eat!
Love Kiri- Moana.

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Living in the moment!

If you’ve been to the park with your children in the last week or so take a moment to think how many times you did something on your phone while you were there. Hopefully you are one of these conscious people who left the phone in your bag the whole time and embraced every moment of watching your children/child play.

I can’t say the same about myself, unfortunately, but it is something I am working on. Depending on what you have read there are many terms and phrases for this – living in the moment, being more conscious, living in the present, stopping and smelling the roses – you get the idea. Our busy Western lifestyle, overflowing with technology, is tempting us out of ‘the moment’ and we really are missing out on enjoying the simple pleasures. As a single mother who runs a business there is no way I could succeed without technology, but I am making a definite effort to find more of a balance and ensure my iPhone doesn’t rob me of precious moments. When my boys pick up a stick or a flower, I want to be present enough to stop and encourage them to explore its texture, its smell – to embrace their surroundings and appreciate the simple things we can so easily take for granted. I have a friend who does this and I feel blessed to know her and have this refreshing reminder in my life.

I saw myself in so many others when London, Duke and I were at the park just last Sunday. As I looked around I noticed just how many parents were either taking photos and sitting there looking through them, potentially posting to social media, rather than just enjoying the time in the nature with their family. I know it is easier said than done because I had just posted a gorgeous picture of London after choosing from about five I had taken! Couldn’t I have waited until I got home? Yes. For me it is not about becoming a Buddhist monk, it’s just about a more balanced and mindful lifestyle.

Feel free to share any tips that you might have to living in the moment. What works for you might work well for someone else who is pining for a more still mind.

Live and love in the moment and feel the difference it makes to your own personal level of happiness.

Much Love,

Kiri-Moana x
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Behind the scenes at Duke Of London

Wow, what a journey it has been! My wonderful supporters – you have not heard a lot about me so I thought it was time to introduce you to the incredible Duke of London journey to-date.

From a young age I have had a love affair with fashion and a desire to look, well, edgy. As a teenager I was never content with the clothing in the popular stores, instead I kept mum busy on the sewing machine. I would bring home dresses and tell mum how I wanted them altered and what I wanted added where – with hours to go before a special date – I must add.

When I look back, though, men’s fashion was of particular interest to me. My eye for detail didn’t stop with me – my poor boyfriends, whether they liked it or not, had to endure my styling efforts, as well. When I met my fiancé and the loves of my life came along, London, 3 and Duke, 2, I quickly realised that funky boys clothing was hard to find. Having lived in the UK for a couple of years I knew exactly what I wanted our first born to wear, but when it came to fashion Australia was way behind and I couldn’t find a thing.

So began Duke of London! I found some fabric I liked and made my bundle of joy his first pair of drop-crotch pants at just 9 months. I thought he looked great and as I was to discover, so did everyone else. Women with style simply wanted their boys to look good too – the orders started coming thick and fast.

Designing the pieces came very naturally to me and it still does, that’s the easy part. It is running a business that was new to me and I really didn’t have a lot of time to stop and learn. As quickly as I was producing lines they were being sold. Duke of London then went online and the rest is history.

Just last week, Mason Kardashian was photographed in my clothes and Bruno Mars’ nephews are regularly spotted in the label. I am so flattered that stylish mums love my designs for their boys. Hopefully we are setting up great habits early for our precious babies, I guess we can only hope that they inherit our taste.

Stay hip Duke of London lovers and remember to be true to yourself, wear what makes you feel great not what you think you are meant to.

Kiri-Moana x

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