Behind the scenes at Duke Of London

Wow, what a journey it has been! My wonderful supporters – you have not heard a lot about me so I thought it was time to introduce you to the incredible Duke of London journey to-date.

From a young age I have had a love affair with fashion and a desire to look, well, edgy. As a teenager I was never content with the clothing in the popular stores, instead I kept mum busy on the sewing machine. I would bring home dresses and tell mum how I wanted them altered and what I wanted added where – with hours to go before a special date – I must add.

When I look back, though, men’s fashion was of particular interest to me. My eye for detail didn’t stop with me – my poor boyfriends, whether they liked it or not, had to endure my styling efforts, as well. When I met my fiancé and the loves of my life came along, London, 3 and Duke, 2, I quickly realised that funky boys clothing was hard to find. Having lived in the UK for a couple of years I knew exactly what I wanted our first born to wear, but when it came to fashion Australia was way behind and I couldn’t find a thing.

So began Duke of London! I found some fabric I liked and made my bundle of joy his first pair of drop-crotch pants at just 9 months. I thought he looked great and as I was to discover, so did everyone else. Women with style simply wanted their boys to look good too – the orders started coming thick and fast.

Designing the pieces came very naturally to me and it still does, that’s the easy part. It is running a business that was new to me and I really didn’t have a lot of time to stop and learn. As quickly as I was producing lines they were being sold. Duke of London then went online and the rest is history.

Just last week, Mason Kardashian was photographed in my clothes and Bruno Mars’ nephews are regularly spotted in the label. I am so flattered that stylish mums love my designs for their boys. Hopefully we are setting up great habits early for our precious babies, I guess we can only hope that they inherit our taste.

Stay hip Duke of London lovers and remember to be true to yourself, wear what makes you feel great not what you think you are meant to.

Kiri-Moana x