Welcome Whitney from The Wife Life

This year we have decided to dabble into the world of blogging.

Every now and then we have something special happen here at Duke of London that we'd love to share with you all. So stay tuned for a little monthly update.

While showing our SS chttps://youtu.be/CbzHy1WNtQUollection in Sydney last month we were lucky enough to meet Whitney from The Wife Life blog. We have some mutual friends from the deaf community so for those who know me you would know my excitement to meet her and share some nice stories.
Here is a Little conversation we shared.

Kiri -
"Hi everyone I'm here in Sydney with Whitney. Whitney is from The Wife Life Blog, tell us about it"

Whitney -
"I'm based in Brisbane, I try to bring the community together to talk about kids clothing, kids bedding and interior. And while here in Sydney I'm very excited to view Kiri's new collection, beautiful!

Kiri -
" Be sure to find @thewifelife and follow Whitneys beautiful journey through life.