Living in the moment!

If you’ve been to the park with your children in the last week or so take a moment to think how many times you did something on your phone while you were there. Hopefully you are one of these conscious people who left the phone in your bag the whole time and embraced every moment of watching your children/child play.

I can’t say the same about myself, unfortunately, but it is something I am working on. Depending on what you have read there are many terms and phrases for this – living in the moment, being more conscious, living in the present, stopping and smelling the roses – you get the idea. Our busy Western lifestyle, overflowing with technology, is tempting us out of ‘the moment’ and we really are missing out on enjoying the simple pleasures. As a single mother who runs a business there is no way I could succeed without technology, but I am making a definite effort to find more of a balance and ensure my iPhone doesn’t rob me of precious moments. When my boys pick up a stick or a flower, I want to be present enough to stop and encourage them to explore its texture, its smell – to embrace their surroundings and appreciate the simple things we can so easily take for granted. I have a friend who does this and I feel blessed to know her and have this refreshing reminder in my life.

I saw myself in so many others when London, Duke and I were at the park just last Sunday. As I looked around I noticed just how many parents were either taking photos and sitting there looking through them, potentially posting to social media, rather than just enjoying the time in the nature with their family. I know it is easier said than done because I had just posted a gorgeous picture of London after choosing from about five I had taken! Couldn’t I have waited until I got home? Yes. For me it is not about becoming a Buddhist monk, it’s just about a more balanced and mindful lifestyle.

Feel free to share any tips that you might have to living in the moment. What works for you might work well for someone else who is pining for a more still mind.

Live and love in the moment and feel the difference it makes to your own personal level of happiness.

Much Love,

Kiri-Moana x