Meet the Incredible Woman I Turned to When Deciding Whether or Not to Embark on the Biggest Challenge of My Life!

I was 28 years old when the clothes I was making for my boys became sought-after by mums with boys of similar ages. This is how Duke of London started, pretty simple really. As the orders began stacking up I suddenly became a business owner, yet strategy, planning, figures etc. certainly weren’t my thing.

I turned to a good friend of mine for advice and I have never looked back. Leanne Spring is my business mentor and confidant. I wanted to tell you all about her and her unwavering determination knowing that she will probably inspire you as much as she does me on a daily basis.

Today, Leanne owns and operates the country’s largest uniform business supplying the health and beauty industry. The budding Beauty Therapist turned

business owner at the ripe age of 22 when she purchased her first salon in Sydney. Her immediate success then led to her opening another salon on the Gold Coast before she identified a void in the market worthy of exploiting.

Leanne felt the uniforms worn in the health and beauty industry were drab and old fashioned so she took it upon herself to update the look and in doing so has created for herself the very lifestyle she desired for her family. Now serving more than 15,000 customers, Spring Spa Wear is well know for its stylish uniforms that are also comfortable and practical to work in. Walk into a beauty salon or health practioner’s office that Leanne supplies and you will notice the difference immediately. To put you in the picture, her latest hairdressing range incorporates leather. Visit www. to see for yourself.

I asked Leanne what she believes was the key to her success. She said three things are what got her to where she is today- hard work, passion and determination. What I love about this woman is she tells it how it is. I asked her how she switches off and she admitted to finding that very difficult being the brain behind the business. The hardworking mother said when you live, eat and breathe it finding a still mind is a constant challenge – a challenge that my admirable friend takes in her stride.

As part of my desire to encourage as many people as possible to live lives full of positivity, I want to regularly bring you stories of inspirational people. Please feel free to share any story ideas with me.

Always remember to surround yourself with those people who encourage you – those people who drive you to want to become a better person.

Much love