My health & weight loss journey

We all want to be yummy mummies right? I crave fashion and wanted to return to pre pregnancy weight more than anyone, but my journey was well let’s say ‘extended’

My DOL team recently posted a pic of me and my ‘new look’ thighs seemed to attract a lot of comments.

Because of the lovely comments I thought I would share with you honestly how I finally found my mojo with food and exercise. Let me tell you what it was that clicked for me, and thank gosh it did because I’m never turning back.

For years I’ve enjoyed intense exercise, and Cross Fit is currently my love. However, in hindsight my diet has always been poor-so sugar dominate that all my training was a waste of time. It should come as no surprise but once I start eating better my body composition totally changed and I have lost 12.3kg In 12 weeks.

As a single mum my focus is what goes into my boys’ mouths then I’m second priority. Time poor- I employed the services of a company called Fruitique to deliver clean fresh not frozen tasty meals to my door. This combined with training wolah- within weeks I started to lose size.

I plan to soon start cooking similar meals at home, but I needed healthy convenient options at my finger tips to start my new relationship with food and it worked.

You’ve probably heard it all before a healthy weight comes down to 80% diet and only 20% training.

I feel alive again and hope that my story can at the very least help one person who may be stuck in bad habits like I was.

We really are what we eat!
Love Kiri- Moana.